Thanks for Booking!


I got your booking! I will contact you through text or email to confirm your booking. Remember what Tier your are because that’s how much you have to pay to be in the shoot(s). Remember the goals are to have sex with beautiful women and to invest in the future! The better anyone of the Royal Members the better we all do since we are sharing GOLD CONTENT¬† and helping each other buy tags and giving each other shoutouts! The better the content the more views will get! BUT now that you book Remember You need to have an STD test in order to be able to shoot content. Talent Testing or planned parenthood are recommended. Try to take a test no longer than a week before shooting to make sure you will be able to shoot. The test can’t be older than 2 weeks!

If I get enough guys than I’ll try to book 2 girls!

There is a $50 dollar fee to hold your booking.

For those that don’t want to pay the fee YOU could pay the day at the shoot in person once you see the girl(s) the only problem with that is not having a good estimate on how many guys might show up. But understand since this is the first time for alot of you working with us.

Zelle 209 715 2989

When you send the booking fee don’t leave a comment or if you do say “day 1” or whatever day you booked for.

Reason being because I don’t have a Marchant ID yet so PayPal & Zelle discriminate on the adult industry.

This is the 2257 release form. If you can print it out and bring it with you. I should have extra but it’s just convenient.